We are inviting a limited number of able cyclists who share in the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation’s passion for bringing an end to depression and suicide to join us for a segment of the ride and help directly to Light the Trail.

For five or so days, on one of three sections of the ride, Drop-In Riders will take part in the full Light the Trail experience. In addition to cycling this beautiful route along from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, Drop-In Riders will engage the communities they enter and strangers they meet in healthy discussion about mental health awareness right alongside the core team. They will encourage those they meet to share their personal experiences related to depression and suicide, and will share their own in return.

Fundraising to directly expand the reach and impact of the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation is equally important to our mission, so Drop-In Riders will contribute or fundraise a minimum amount as a requirement for joining the ride. Achieve that goal, and Light the Trail covers all costs of lodging, meals, and on-the-bike nutrition & hydration for the entire ride segment.

Interested in joining the ride? Check out our Google signup form to see available segments & dates and reserve your spot now!

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