Ted was the husband of my first cousin Phyllis. They met while teaching for the department of defense education activity (DOEDA) in Heidelberg, Germany. Throughout that twenty-two-years he was much loved and admired by students and fellow educators, a common result of his personal qualities.

A natural leader, he was a strong advocate for his fellow educators serving in various professional associations in Heidelberg and later in the Lions Club after retiring to Crooked River Ranch, Oregon in 2008.

An example of his pizazz was one of his first activities as a retiree. His way of reconnecting to his new home, which was also his home state, was walking the 456 miles from Newport to Ontario to raise awareness of Oregon’s vexing 55 mph speed limit on limited-access roads.

As a Lion, he became president in 2011 and soon after, the club became the largest in the state of Oregon. But what brought him the most joy was serving as Central Oregon Vision Screening Coordinator for the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. Over 100,000 students were screened thru 8 Lions Clubs by the time he passed away in 2000.

Ted is missed and fondly remembered by many.

Submitted by Jeff and Susan Jones