Two nights ago I received a call from a 20yr friend. Oddly over those twenty years we only saw each other literally a couple of

Times, but we bonded from the start. He is a beautiful soul, full of interest….in others, in adventure, learning, etc. Successful in his own right, yet humble and self deprecating. His call brought me

To tears, as well as fears. His son who was bipolar took his Life in August.

He cried, I cried and after hanging up I got angry at how, not his son, but his sons illness had killed him. I immediately called my son who struggles with depression. “What’s up Dad?” My answer….”nothing, just needed to hear your voice.” Andrew Fraser was only 30 and an individual who impacted all those he came in contact, just like his father. This world lost a great young man, full of promise, but robbed of Hope:(

Ride on

Submitted by Marshall Durston