29 Years of Amazing Gifts.

In 1985 we were blessed with the birth of our son Bradley- one of the greatest gifts from God we could ever receive. In his first hours, he fought so hard to stay with us- the very first gift that he gave us. The first time he rolled over was at 6 weeks- we were so proud. Brad had given us a 2nd gift, he surpassed the doctors’ original diagnosis. With the help of hearing aides, our 3rd gift from Brad was the blessing of communication - for the first time communicating became easier for Brad, no longer just reading our lips but actually hearing what we said- and us being able to understand what he was saying. Giving was in Brad’s heart from the very beginning- he was born with that heart. Brad loved giving. From an early age, he demanded that we open his gifts to us first- he would be so excited he would be jumping up and down in anticipation. This never ever stopped - even at his last Christmas.

Brad was both bipolar and autistic- and yet somehow he fought through these challenges to give us his 4th gift- his gift giving changed from just the physical gift to more emotional gifts. He fought through these disabilities and was able to truly connect with us and support us emotionally.

This allowed Brad to give us his greatest gift- his love and devotion to family. He loved us and was there for us whenever and however we needed him. He loved his sisters with all his heart- and would do anything for them. If he knew that they were having a rough time, he would call just to make sure they were okay. He was so proud to be an uncle. He took on that role with an incomparable dedication and commitment. His heart grew 3 sizes the day that Adren and Brisa were born. He truly loved them more than life itself.

We continue to remember Brad by passing on his love of family and his joy of giving. Go home, love your family, let the small things go and laugh.

Submitted by Mandi Schienebeck