My beautiful son struggled with depression and anger…

My beautiful son struggled with depression and anger. I did my best to try to get him to good counselors. He’d tell me they were “ just jacking with me”. After that he lost faith in getting help from any of them and quit going.

He was put on a couple of different meds that the commercials now say increase suicidal thoughts. He didn’t like them and did quit taking them.

At the very young age of 23, in the middle of a hard night, he made an irreversible decision ~~in 2001. The anniversary is coming Nov 10th. I dread it every year. I miss him so much. As I age I just want to see him more and more.

I’m sorry for any of your losses. Parents shouldn’t lose their children, but we do. Thank you for what you’re doing. This is the first I’ve of you. Safe travels and God speed. Blessings to all of you.

Submitted by Carol Brister