My best friend Connor McCarthy….

My best friend Connor McCarthy. Words will never do justice for the person you were, and made me who I️ am today. You were everything and had few weaknesses. Your mannerisms, voice, facial expressions, body language, humor, pizzaz, wisdom, clever shrewdness, witty brilliance, moral selflessness, and attitude will continue to be why I️ am the person I️ will forever be. You did this to everyone in each community you were a part of. We grew together through each stage of life. Ft. Worth, West Side Lions, football, Heights, Oxford, Ole Mississippi, ΣΑΕ, church, travel, nights in and nights out. You were my neighbor that lived down the street, best friend, enemy, partner, excuse, teammate, counselor, client, roommate, therapist, beneficiary, brother, my rock, and so much more. I️ will never be able to truly let you go because of this. But now you are in ultimate peace, and in a place we all are striving to be when our times up. He’s got you now. We just need your angel to be with us, and your wonderful family for wisdom and peace.

We always said to each other “Pray for the best, prepare for the worst” and YOU were the best, McCarthaaaaaaa.

I spoke with him the afternoon he took his life. It was the best/ strongest he sounded in years. Miss and love him dearly. I gave his Eulogy at his funeral service and it forever changed my life, and the way I speak publicly with confidence. Connor left for his savior Jesus Christ, March 2018.

Submitted by Brad Bloxom