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We're Taking Hope On the Road

The 1,800 mile journey down the Mississippi valley begins October 2022.

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Year after year we are faced with the harrowing reality of suicide across our country.

Over a million Americans attempt to end their life annually. Yet still there exists a pervasive stigma surrounding the topic of depression, an issue that faces all of the nation's diverse demographics.

Since their founding in 2014 The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation has fought to eradicate suicide by funding depression research, creating awareness through education, and battling the stifling stigma. Now, the Foundation is taking that mission on the road.

We will Light the Trail for those struggling in darkness by cycling from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way we will educate communities about depression and suicide awareness, and we’ll encourage those we meet to share their experiences facing the disorder.

We’re embarking on the second Light the Trail ride, blazing a new trail of hope at every step of our journey with intention. At our cathartic, slow pace we will educate, inspire, and encourage discussion about this issue with those we encounter, to light the way toward a future free of depression and suicide.

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